Common Misconceptions about UX/UI Designers

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) designs are growing at a rapid pace for their increasing demand. But still many of us are not clear what the User Interface and User Experience, actually are. And most of us confuse them to be the same which they are not. Let’s discuss common misconceptions about UX/UI Designers.

UI and UX are the same

The most common misconception about UI and UX is that they are the same. But they are two different fields of design.UI is User Interface that is about the look and feels. Color combinations, representation of content, typography, etc all are counted in this design. Wheres UX is a User Experience that involves interaction with end-user. It entails various aspects like branding, design, usability, and function.

UX is just meant for users

UX involves aspects like usability and functionality but, it is not just related to the user but also is an effort to fulfill business goals and objectives. Ux includes not only catering to user experience while keeping track of product vision. The goal is to provide a pleasurable user experience at all levels. The role of UX designers is to blend various activities like market research, product development, strategy, and design to create seamless user experiences for products, services, and processes.

UI and UX are of the same discipline

Designing is a big aspect and entails two major elements UI and UX. But most of us consider that UI and UX belong to the same disciple but the truth is just the opposite. UX is just not about rendering user experience but includes the entire customer journey from intensive market research to Accessibility and aesthetics. UX starts with why then proceeds to what and then to then.

UI, on the other hand, includes human interaction on a webpage, app, or device. It is more of an appearance. The main emphasis is laid on Color, font size, appearance, structure, layouts, etc. Their main role includes intensive design research and implementing the same for a pleasurable user experience.

UX design is not expensive

It is just a misconception that UX design is not costly. A lot goes behind the scenes to generate a pleasurable user experience. A UX designer users various tools to deliver the quality that makes people fall for the brand’s product and services. It includes a full spectrum of methods and tools that incurs high costs.

UX is all about digital design

Ux is a broad term that entails user experience across all devices and levels. Contributing to digital design is just one aspect. A superlative UX design can lead to successful digital transformation. One of the criteria to increase visibility in search engines is UX. If small details like colors, layout, typography, fonts are taken care of, it can lead to an increase in engagement levels, making you acquire a higher position in search engines. This is one aspect that deals with Branding design. While industrial design is inclusive of user experience with the working of the entire product and how various elements work in collaboration with each other.


UX/UI is the element of Designing where two are two different areas, and they work in collaboration with each other. The two are almost dissimilar fields and belong to different disciplines. The blog above mentions common misconceptions that we have regarding UX/UI designing.UX/UI has a broad scope. If you are the one who is looking for perfect UX/UI designing. You can connect with us to procure one for your website.

We believe in rendering the pleasurable UX/UI experience. Add beauty to your websites and deliver a superlative experience to your users.

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