Is Digital Marketing killing Marketing Strategy?

Digital marketing uses various devices like mobile devices, internet devices, Social media, and Search engines to reach the targeted audience. Marketing strategy on the other hand is long-term plans initiated by brands to gain competence and supersede others. Digital Marketing is a subset of Marketing strategy. Whereas, Marketing strategy constitutes both traditional as well as Digital Marketing techniques. However, Digital marketing is emerging strongly as compared to other forms of marketing. But, is this true that Digital Marketing is killing the Marketing Strategy? Let’s discuss the key things which need to be taken care of to avoid Digital marketing strategies to become a spoilsport for your marketing strategy


Sometimes too much of something can dampen your digital marketing efforts and adversely affect the market strategy. Not getting to know about the insights of the posts you are posting may cause you to fall back. It is not necessary to master every social media platform, especially when the marketing team is too small. Take small steps, analyze, and then move forward. Also, make sure to post at regular intervals. Again overposting blogs, articles, creatives can hamper your attempts, instead of bringing in favorable results.

If you are posting too little or posting too much, they will not benefit you.

Rushing out things without testing

Landing out digital campaigns requires proper analysis. Even you may not get apt results with the best automation tools. You are required to do corrective testing to see what is working best or what changes one can make to bring out tangible results. Be clear about marketing objectives, and make sure to know about the targeted audience.

 Test, test, and test

Testing everything from paid advertising, social media, content is imperative for a post to be successful and make a mark. To test appropriately, you need to care about various aspects mentioned below:


Keyword Density is an important ranking criterion in search engines. Make sure that the keywords you are using in articles or blogs are relevant to the content. Moreover, the keyword density is supposed to be 2 %. (No of keywords/Total no of words)*100. The second most important criterion you be careful about is Keyword Stuffing. The overuse of keywords is not recommended and may result in you being penalized.

 Catchy Headings and subheadings

Content has a huge role to play in establishing the credibility of your brand. The content should represent the brand and must include catchy headings and subheadings to make the audience fall for the content.

Images and layout

Layout and images are other areas that grab attention. Make sure the layout is perfect, and images are relevant and catchy. Moreover, pay attention to designing, colors, typography to enable people to stay longer on your website.

Call to action

Call to action is another critical element, that if taken due care, can persuade visitors to take action. The more the section is innovative and appealing, the more are the chances of an increase in leads and sales.

Choose apt timing

Choosing a particular timing can boost ads, blog posts, emails, or other types of content. The posts may perform better at a definite time as compared to other timings of the day.

Promotional offers

You may offer some discounts or other proposals to attract various audiences.

 Wrapping Up

Digital marketing is a dazzling area with immense potential. It can complement your market strategy if you have implemented the tactics and strategies righteously. If you are looking for a digital marketing agency, to help thrive, you can connect with us.

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