We are a Meta Tech Solutions Partner, we offer a unique customer experience for businesses of all sizes, ensuring a lasting impression on their team. Our simplified UI WhatsApp Business API platform allows direct customer engagement.

Know About WhatsApp Business API

This tool is utilized by businesses to send users information about new offers, such as discount coupons, promotional coupons, product launch notifications, and important alerts.

Engage your customers on their preferred channel. Enhance brand experience by scaling conversations, fostering loyalty, and preparing to enhance the overall brand experience.

WhatsApp’s usage for both personal and business purposes is rapidly increasing. For business people, they are aiming to promote their brand through popular communication channels like WhatsApp. The communication channel is specifically designed for medium to large enterprises with supporting teams and a high volume of customer messages.

The company aims to offer timely customer support and secure messages using the world’s most popular messaging platform, utilizing experienced WhatsApp API providers within its enterprise.

Authorization from WhatsApp/Meta

Businesses must obtain approval from Meta/ WhatsApp before using the WhatsApp Business API. The process involves obtaining a new number, submitting a request to Meta, and undergoing a business verification process to obtain the verification from Meta.

Initiate Business Validation

WhatsApp mandates businesses to undergo a verification process via their Facebook admin account to verify their identity. The process involves verifying the business phone number you will be using.

Finalize the Verification Procedure

Once your application has been approved, you will need to proceed with the verification process. This entails submitting paperwork to verify your business identity and ownership.

Create Your WhatsApp Business Account

After completing the verification process, you can establish your WhatsApp Business account by setting up your account and number settings, and designing your messaging templates.

Integrate the WhatsApp API

Lastly, the WhatsApp Business API can be integrated into your existing systems to enable the sending and receiving of messages. Your WhatsApp Business Solution Provider will provide you with the necessary documentation and support to successfully integrate your business.

Advantages of the WhatsApp Business API Solution

  • Easily connect with customers on WhatsApp.
  • The objective is to enhance customer trust and loyalty through effective and immediate communication.
  • Create memorable experiences by providing interactive messages and product lists.
  • Foster meaningful interactions at each customer touchpoint.
  • To initiate a dialogue, you can create message templates and inform your customers to follow the following steps.

Why choose 24×7 Internet Technologies a WhatsApp Business API Provider?

At 24×7 Internet Technologies, we go beyond merely offering the WhatsApp Business API. We are your trusted partner in leveraging WhatsApp’s full potential for your business. Our team has a proven track record of successful implementations, ensuring smooth integration and ongoing API optimization.

Success on WhatsApp extends beyond the initial setup process. We adopt a collaborative approach, collaborating closely with you from the initial implementation to ongoing optimization. Our objective is to ensure that your WhatsApp Business API provides optimal results not only today but also in the long term.

Explore the Robust Features of WhatsApp Business API


The WhatsApp Business API enables businesses to create catalogs, enabling them to present their products or services to customers. Catalogs facilitate customer browsing and inquiries by providing product images, descriptions, prices, and links.

Streamline Business Communication

Implement automated responses for FAQs and alerts for COD confirmations, abandoned carts, and offers.

Send Bulk SMS Campaigns

Implement one-time or recurring campaigns to engage customers and boost sales.

Efficiently scale communication

The platform offers the ability to effortlessly initiate and manage conversations with numerous customers and prospects through automation, chatbots, and customized workflows.

Message Templates

Businesses can create predefined message templates for promotional offers, order confirmations, and appointment reminders, but all need WhatsApp pre-approval.

Automation and Chatbots

Enhance your e-store by adding WhatsApp widgets and collaborating with unlimited team members to provide scalable customer support on WhatsApp.

Campaigns Analytics and Monitor Chats

To enhance customer experience, it is essential to monitor campaign performance, agent response, and resolution times.

CRM Integration

The API can be seamlessly integrated with CRM systems, enabling businesses to effectively manage and monitor customer interactions.

Frequently Asked Questions

24×7 Internet Technologies is an authorized WhatsApp Business API Service Provider in Noida, Delhi, India, offering services to help businesses integrate and utilize the WhatsApp Business API for their communication needs.

The pricing for the WhatsApp Business API is determined by the number of messages sent; pricing details are provided above.

No, the WhatsApp Business API is not accessible through personal phone numbers. The use of personal phone numbers for business communication raises concerns about privacy for both the sender and the recipient. The WhatsApp Business API necessitates a unique phone number for effective business communication. This number must be active and capable of receiving SMS or voice calls. Using a personal number for WhatsApp Business API is in violation of WhatsApp’s terms of service and may lead to account suspension or ban.

WhatsApp Business API is accessible to all businesses, regardless of size or industry, but specific guidelines must be followed for optimal use.

Yes, 24×7 Internet Technologies whatsApp Business APIs enable you to communicate with customers in their regional language, as they support multiple languages. This language support can be activated in both notification and conversation processes.

24×7 Internet Technologies offers reporting tools for monitoring and tracking campaigns, including delivery rates, open rates, and other performance indicators.