Understanding UX/UI Design For Virtual Learning Success

Virtual learning is in boom due to COVID 19 crises. But this is the scenario when we are fighting with the deadly virus and are confined to our homes. However, we have a strong liking for virtual learning for years owing to the flexibility and convenience, it has to offer. Designing ie UX/UI designing needs to be perfect for virtual Learning success. Let’s understand why is it important to pay attention to understanding UX/UI design for Virtual learning success. Understanding the tools and methods can help us add more value to the offline mode of learning.

The need for quality virtual learning solutions

As the world is fighting with Novel Coronavirus, the need to implement quality virtual learning solutions is imperative. To deliver a better experience to the user, it becomes essential for you to get well versed with various online platforms to impart meticulous online learning. Where do UI and UX come into play?

Role of UI/UX in making virtual learning experience awesome

Online learning can be made easy and more interesting provided you cater to user interface and experience. There are various elements like appealing videos, interactive slides, digital worksheets when it comes to User Interface. User Experience, if we say is a much broader term. The digital component supports online learning materials, teaching, and instruction support.

Below are the elements of UI that form a good design for UI


Displaying something grabs more attention. Videos are something that keeps students captivated. According to statistics videos are the most loved content across social media. People love interacting with videos than any other form of content. People like to visualize more than they like to read or hear. This element can aid in effective learning. So if you know the art of displaying engagement videos, you are already rendering a successful virtual solution.

Tools to foster communication

A good UI design is one that facilitates communication and is easy to use. The platform that has an option for messages, suggestions, FAQs, quizzes, designing question papers, Online dialogue boards, etc, constitutes an ideal solution for UI design.

Structuring of Content

The layout is very important for your virtual learning success. How the lesson modules are structured will decide the effectiveness of e-learning. Solution. Arranging the study material in an optimized way is what is required. The easy-to-scan layout and liberty to consume content as one’s choice and the pace is what makes a great e-learning solution.

Allows customization

Customization is something that is what is required at times. A UI that allows customization to fulfill learner’s distinctive requirements and ease up their understanding, offers better engagement and satisfaction.

Clear design

The thumb rule for rending an effective virtual learning solution is to implement a design neatly that is readable. One should not populate it with loads of content, instead, emphasize simple and attractive designs. Below are the elements of eye-catching designs

  • Corrective usage of images
  • Appropriate colors that grab attention
  • Uniform colors.
  • Right hierarchy
  • Typography


There is a growing demand for virtual learning solutions, especially for the situation that COVID 19 has posed. The digital precedence is coming into play at a rapid pace. The blog above describes the essentials of rendering successful E-learning solutions.

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