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Why Ruby on Rails is perfect for the eCommerce Website?

Ruby on Rails is of the powerful web development frameworks for developing web applications. Even though it has reached a maturity level, it is the most preferred framework by developers because of standardized policies. Ruby on rails is stable and works best even when many changes are applied. This framework is best suitable for crafting an eCommerce website. The Giants like GitHub, Walmart, and Airbnb have used this great framework.

The framework has added cost advantage and is easy to build B2B and B2C websites without any hassle. The blog states the top 7 reasons that make it an ideal choice for eCommerce development.

Top 7 reasons that make Ruby on Rails an ideal framework for eCommerce Website development

Free to use

Ruby on Rails is an open-source framework that is free to use by developers and enterprises. You can save money as it free to use. There are no license fees, and you get a lot of free-made material and open libraries. This is the prime reason which makes it a favorite option among developers.

Face paced development cycle

Ruby on Rails provides a similar structure for all web applications. It has a versatile library that speeds up the development cycle. It includes small software packages called “gems” that can extend functionality without having to write loads of code. Ruby on Rails keeps on adding these small packages called Gems that enhance functionality and accelerates the development cycle. Ruby on Rails is even the best framework to opt for by small retailers and startups as it provides MVC solutions to increase efficiency, scalability, and reduce time. It also dries practices that allow the reusing of code.

Supports integrated testing

Ruby on Rails has the option for integrated testing that checks the quality of code. You can detect the defects early. It supports three environments: production, development, and test.

This allows you to set up and interact with test data and there is no danger of your tests altering data from your production environment.

Ready-Made Solutions

The framework offers various ready-made solutions like check-out, Payment gateway integration, a cart that saves great development time.

Available integrations

Ruby on Rails has readily available integrations and plugins to tailor to app requirements and take advantage of external secure payments. There are vast no plugins available, which developers can use to develop their own apps and website that saves a lot of time and cost.

Easy deployment

The Ruby on Rails web development framework has a rich in automation options that enable developers to speed up deployment. Ruby on Rails follows the best coding and DRY practices that make deployment a much easy task.

Community Support

Ruby on rails has immense community support and strong documentation that enables us to resolve the problem easily as compared to other frameworks. You also have an added advantage of a large pool of developers who contribute to the community by reporting issues and resolving them.


Ruby on Rails is a top-notch framework which is preferred by many developers and enterprise because of the exciting benefits it possesses to develop an eCommerce website. The vibrant community and best practices have enabled it to develop world-class solutions. We as an eCommerce development company offer top-notch software development services. Looking for an agency to help with your next web project?

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