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How can we make education addictive for kids in post covid world?

The 21st century is the world of tabs, laptops, smartphones, and digital devices are the one that has crept into our lives. With so much going on the internet, the attention of the kids has somewhat taken a back seat. The kids are growing up with digital devices with their attention divided into internet platforms like TikTok, games, and far more. When it comes to e-learning most kids find it difficult to concentrate. There are thousands of internets of things that are posing difficulty for children to learn.

It raises questions in front of us. The coronavirus situation has made us understood the importance of e-learning. Everything is digital via Zoom, Google Meet, and teams. The new way of teaching has made us understand how important is to mix fun with learning to make kids adapt to this novel way. No doubt some people will agree that nothing can replace traditional methods of learning. Pen and paper-based learning have their significance. But, the ultimate goal is learning. Online learning can be effective and scalable by the way the content is presented. Interactive videos, entertaining stuff can make learning effective. This is the correct time to adapt to this mode of learning and make it engrossing for kids to adopt.

In the world of IoT, digital consumption is high and e-learning is the area that can gain prominence in the coming years. If we want to make education addictive, we need to make education more fun and interesting. Through online education, we can make this effective, as we have various means through which we can display content and make it more engrossing.

The latest technologies like AI, virtual reality can ensure personalized learning and make learning meaningful. Children love variations and the technologies let them adapt to learning in their way. Mote learning will be more successful than physical learning but if we are geared up to experiment and make learning fun. The personalized plan and solution for answering queries in real-time and representation of content in way of perfect story-telling that creates it memorize things. Online learning is all about learning new ways of teaching and dealing with content that resonates with their learning process.

Video games that develop learning skills, cognitive skills, build word power can make learning easier than traditional methods of learning.  The kids nowadays learn quickly by watching fun and engrossing videos and tend to remember easily, as human beings are more into adapting to things by watching stories. Online learning can be addictive, especially in the post COVID world. But as certain constraints need to be dealt with to make this innovative way of learning effective. The issues like economic disparity and remote connectivity are top concerns that can play a spoilsport in making online learning additive. To get over this, Govt should consider distributing tabs or laptops to sections of society who cannot afford it. Second, a strong internet connection or broadband coverage is suggested in remote areas.

Online learning can replace classroom sessions, and the wave of new technologies can make the education system emerge stronger than before. But we need to look into plans to remove the aforesaid constraints.

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