We are living in an era of digital influencers. Wait for a second, what are the influencers? Well, Digital influencers are the society representatives whom we admire or whom we follow regularly. An influencer can be anyone. It can be you, your friend, your neighbour, your ideal celebrity or any living creature on the earth who has a good reputation in front of their audience.
Awesome. Do you have a fan following? Good News is you can be an influencer too. Coming to a digital influencer, people who have a good trusted social media organic followers can be a good Digital influencer. So, the definition of an influencer is influencing your follower audience for creating an effect, by changing the opinions and streamlining a measurable outcome. Like we have already discussed that anyone can be an influencer because every internet user is the subject of the social timeline.

Incredible History of Traditional Marketing

Not a long time ago marketing was confined to posters and newspapers. In 1895, the world saw the revolution in marketing through the invention of radios. However, it took 30 years to reach all over the world because firstly invented radios were very big, heavy and costly too. Moreover, there were fewer products to market at that time as the reach of radio broadcasting was low. But after some time scientists recreated that gadget to make it more convenient for users. Portable radios were introduced in the market which created a big boom in communication marketing but still, it took 10 years to reach all over the world.
In the meantime, the world was taken by surprise with the invention of a graphical intractable gadget called Television. Compared to other modes of communication, Television took only a few years to reach users because people associate themselves better with visuals. And by evolving the mediums of telecommunication, marketing modules also shifted dramatically, making a huge difference in traditional marketing.

Insights into Influencer Marketing

To bring the brand in a positive light and help it seek the attention of users, companies started paying the television known faces, actors to sell their products. The known TV personalities who market the products are referred to as Brand Ambassadors which can be related to Influential Marketing.
Facebook, the most popular Social Media Platform emerged it’s tiny footsteps 15 years ago. With the advent of this in-fashion platform, a new marketing trend also emerged in the market known as social media marketing. People started selling their products by using their social media accounts. In the early stages of social media, few people were only using online marketing techniques but it started gaining its prominence after 3-5 years, covering a huge area of business marketing and gaining the trust of people worldwide.
Taking advantage of social media adoration, people started jumping in social media marketing to influence people to opt for their products and services. The same vogue was seen as when people opted for Television Product Marketing. The platform has paved the way for letting people exhibit their skills and influencing people by such means.
People created their profile on Social Media sites by choosing a segment which they like such as gym lessons, makeup lesson, tech-related blog or anything they like which can influence or help to change the mindsets on another corner of the earth. Isn’t it amazing? Well, by giving this piece of information, I have also decided to start with my food blog. Yummy, mouth-watering dishes. “ Food for the Soul”. I will certainly order something great for me today. Well, let’s not deviate from the topic. Some people find the shared content so worthy and apt that they start following that blog. Social media channels have named these people as influencers. These people have been admired by a group of people, society who loves their work irrespective of whether the influencer is a celebrity or not. So that main pillars of influencer and keys are Brand Awareness, Building Brand Identity, Audience Building, Engagement, Lead Generation, Sales, Customer Loyalty, Link Building

What is the Difference Between Brand Influencer And Brand Ambassador

A brand ambassador is a public figure who is hired under a business module to help achieve specific goals like increasing brand awareness and boost consumer retention. A brand ambassador is always hired under a long-term contract for like 1 year to 3 years. Anyone can’t be a brand ambassador. Companies always choose a celebrity or public figure as a brand ambassador. They can’t raise the charges during the contract so that’s why they always charge a good amount of money to promote the brand. But an influencer work’s freely without any limitation. following a specific niche to engage their audience regularly.
A brand Influencer charges may vary depending on how many followers or audience they have because the brand Influencer marketing is not only about selling products or knowledge. Its concept resides in helping its audience in a way that they return their favor by gathering more audience by word-to-mouth marketing or sharing their content. Let me give an example of Cristiano Ronaldo @cristiano who has approx 200M+ followers on the Instagram account is the biggest influencer in the world. He charges millions of dollars for posting an image in his insta account but he is a celebrity right. So it’s easier for him. But what about @zachking/ he has 20M+ followers on Instagram and charges $82000 per social post from advertising companies or individuals. He is not a celebrity but still manages to earn a great deal and has an incredible fan following. So, here is where the importance of Influential Marketing lies. Whoa! Good Job done.

Importance And Value Of Influencer

These days everyone uses the internet daily depending on their need and interests. Some people follow food vloggers, some follow gym trainers, some of them follow fashion stylists but the medium of content can be different such as blogs, video, podcasts, vlogs. Let me give you another example for that: suppose Ms, Rose is a blog writer and she writes blogs about health, fashion, beauty, fitness. By doing this task she can target the group of audiences who are interested in these things. And when she mentions a product such as health supplements, new fashion apparel that are related to her blog, people start gaining trust in that product by itself and start buying as he has been able to establish her credibility in the market. Likewise, if something goes wrong with that product people lose their trust in her. It becomes quite essential to retain the trust lost. Some of the influencers you can opt for as per your expertise are: Micro-Influencer, Celebrity Influencer, Blog Influencer, Social Media Influencer, and Key Opinion Leader.

Few Last Influence Text

Being an Influencer or using an Influencer for your marketing purpose is becoming increasingly popular these days because of the availability of the internet 24×7. With the help of the internet, it’s very easy to connect with unknown people and convert them into your audience members. As the topic of this Article, we are living in the era of digital influencer and influencer can make a huge difference in our society, in our mindset and our business. They can help you to enhance your brand awareness and boost your conversions. You just need to identify the type of influencer that is suitable for your business or what type of influencer you want to be in the future. So after reading this article if you also want any help regarding influencer marketing or you want to know about this in-depth, you can always contact us at [email protected] .You can subscribe to our newsletter as well to avail of all new marketing updates every week.

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