Vishwaguru Educational Academy is a renowned institution that focuses on providing high-quality education and fostering a culture of continuous learning and development.

VEA cloud school offers a comprehensive educational experience that integrates value education, Indianism, character building, and modern education, utilizing technology to prepare children for the future. VEA blends traditional values with modern teaching methods to provide students with a comprehensive education, equipping them with the necessary skills for the ever-changing world.

VEA offers a diverse range of programs and services to meet the educational needs of students at all levels, from primary to higher learning. VEA is a renowned institution that focuses on the culture of continuous learning and personal growth.

VEA is committed to fostering a comprehensive and diverse educational environment that equips students with the skills and knowledge necessary for personal and professional success.

Vishwaguru Educational Academy

Their work typically involves:

Education Programs:

VEA likely provides various education programs, ranging from primary to higher education, focusing on academic excellence and skill development.

Holistic Development:

They may prioritize holistic development, encompassing physical, mental, and spiritual aspects, with the aim of fostering well-rounded individuals.

Innovation in Education:

The VEA may be involved in developing innovative teaching methods, curriculum, and technology integration to enhance the learning experience.

Community Engagement:

They can enhance society’s welfare by promoting outreach programs, partnerships, and social initiatives within the community.

Global Perspective:

VEA has the potential to foster a global perspective in education, promoting cultural understanding and preparing students for a globalized world.

Features of VEA (The Vishwaguru Educational Academy)

The Vishwaguru Educational Academy (VEA) likely boasts several features designed to enhance the educational experience and promote holistic development.

Here are some potential key features:

Comprehensive Curriculum:

It Offers a wide range of subjects and courses tailored to different educational levels, from primary to higher education. The integration of traditional academic disciplines with modern, innovative subjects is being pursued.

Innovative Teaching Methods:

The organization utilizes the latest educational technologies and interactive teaching methods. The program emphasizes experiential learning, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

Holistic Development:

The program promotes physical, mental, and spiritual growth through sports, arts, and mindfulness programs. The organization offers various extracurricular activities to promote students’ talents and interests.

Qualified Faculty:

The company is a leading provider of highly qualified and experienced teachers who are dedicated to ensuring student success. Teachers are provided with regular training and development programs to stay abreast of the latest educational trends.

Global Perspective:

The organization promotes international exchange through various programs, global collaborations, and cultural exchange initiatives. The program prepares students for both global challenges and opportunities.

Personalized Learning:

The organization adopts a student-centric approach, focusing on individual learning needs and styles. The organization offers mentorship and counseling services to facilitate personal and academic growth.

Technology Integration:

The organization utilizes advanced educational technologies, such as online learning platforms and digital resources. The initiative promotes the growth of digital literacy and 21st-century skills.

Career Guidance and Support:

The organization provides comprehensive career counseling and placement services. The organization prepares students for future careers through internships, workshops, and industry connections.

What we did

We have created 3 dashboards, the admin dashboard, student dashboard and teacher dashboard.

Admin Dashboard

1. Dashboard

  • The system provides a centralized interface for easy access to various administrative functions.

2. System Settings

  • The process involves the creation and management of various types of subjects, chapters, categories, roles, and permissions.
  • The task involves setting up dashboard settings, slider settings, and supporting report checks.

3. Academic Management:

  • This document provides tools for creating classes, sections, time slots, and mapping teachers to these sections.

4. User Management:

  • The system offers features for creating accounts for teachers, staff, sub-admins, and bulk uploading users, excluding students.

5. Learning Management Systems (LMS):

  • The process involves creating courses and packages, assigning users to them, and managing the creation and distribution of these resources.
  • This involves managing content, questions, exam management, and evaluating exam results.
  • The system offers the ability to upload courses, content, questions, and exams in bulk.

6. Classroom Management:

  • The integration of academic and live class creation is being explored.
  • This document provides tools for creating assignments and lesson plans.

7. Smart ERP:

  • The program offers comprehensive student management, including roll number allocation, student ID cards, bulk uploads, attendance tracking, and marksheet management.
  • This involves managing fees, tracking staff attendance, managing check-in/check-out, and managing leave.
  • The project involves managing certificates, libraries, sales CRM, and providing detailed reports and analytics.

Student Profile

1. Dashboard:

  • The Dashboard is the primary student landing page, offering a comprehensive overview of their academic activities and important notifications.
  • The summary provides an overview of upcoming live classes, recent assignments, and exams, along with a snapshot of their performance.

2. Live Classes:

  • The Live Classes section allows students to view and participate in scheduled live classes.
  • This section lists upcoming live sessions with easy join links, enabling students to engage in real-time interactions and discussions.

3. Subjects:

  • The Subjects section enables students to explore their specific enrolled subjects.
  • By selecting a subject, users can access a vast array of related content such as notes, presentations, and other educational materials.
  • This structured method facilitates students to conveniently access all the necessary resources for each subject.

4. E- learning:

  • The e-learning section offers access to virtual labs and diverse e-learning resources in both Hindi and English.
  • The area offers interactive lab sessions and multimedia educational content, catering to diverse language preferences and providing hands-on virtual practice.
  • The Assessments section provides comprehensive details about students’ assignments and exams.
  • This document provides a comprehensive overview of current and upcoming assignments, exam schedules, and submission portals.

5. Performance:

  • The Performance section provides a comprehensive overview of a student’s academic progress on a subject-by-subject basis.
  • Teachers’ feedback and comments offer valuable insights and areas for improvement.

6. Supportive Classes:

  • The Supportive Classes section allows students to upload and share files in various formats like audio, video, and text.
  • The platform offers efficient management and viewing tools for uploaded files.
    Additional Features:
  • Students can check their course details, content, exams, exam history, fee details, marksheet, book issue list, and attendance list as assigned by the admin.

Teacher Profile

1. Dashboard:

  • Provides a comprehensive overview of key metrics and items related to the teacher’s activities, including upcoming events, recent activities, and student progress.

2. Live Classes:

  • This tool allows teachers to conduct real-time live classes and access upcoming class listings for preparation or joining.

3. Calendar:

  • This tool enables teachers to efficiently schedule live classes, extra sessions, lesson plans, and assignments.

4. Content:

  • The platform offers teachers easy access to educational resources like PDFs and videos, enabling them to review or supplement their teaching materials.

5. Assignment:

  • This tool enables teachers to create, distribute, and review student assignments, thereby enhancing the assessment and feedback process.

6. Supportive Class:

  • This allows teachers to provide necessary guidance or assistance to students outside of regular class activities.

7. Demo Lab:

  • The platform offers teachers the opportunity to access demonstration labs that are specifically designed for specific subjects, enabling them to virtually illustrate concepts or conduct experiments.