JiojioMe Social Lifestyle Mobile App

JiojioMe is a social lifestyle mobile application where users can connect through mutual hobbies or activities. It has more than 60,000 users and 600 merchants up to date. JiojioMe users can redeem JCASH – cryptocurrency for attractive retail vouchers, deals, and services. The social app strengthens social networking by drawing people closer to common hobbies and interests. The interest-based app is fuelled by Blockchain Technology ‘JCASH’ to payout the advertisement revenue tokens generated through the platform. Also, users can earn tokens for sharing brand promotions and in-app activities. The app is available for both Android & iOS devices. The revenue that the ad platform will generate, payout in JCASH. Extra advertising revenue is shared with the users through the issuance of JCASH directly to their Jio wallet.

Client Requirements

Our client wanted to make an online platform where people can easily make connections with new people in real-time. To fulfill this requirement, the client approached 24×7 Internet Technologies to build an app for both Android and iOS platforms. 24×7 Internet Technologies has developed the “JioJiome” app after some brainstorming and interaction with team members and clients for the groundbreaking app idea with enticing features. We have built a fantastic dating app with a great new social connection, live chat, and real-time socializing tool and provision to buy and sell products where transactions are done via cash.

JioJiome wanted a social lifestyle app where users can not only connect through mutual hobbies and interests but also used JCASH to bring together retailers and consumers on a single social interaction platform. They wanted an app that rewarded active users with JCASH tokens, discount vouchers, and deals at food and beverage outlets and entertainment centers across Singapore.

Features of the Jiojiome app that makes it one of its kind

Login/Sign Up

  • Sign up with the details: name, email, birth date, gender, location,  interested gender, interests, and password.
  • Log in with Facebook, WeChat, Mobile.


  • Users can share what is there on their mind
  • Can share stories from nearby places or checked-in place
  • Can share location
  • Can view nearby popular places to check-in or pre-check-in.
  • Can easily navigate to screens like Check-In, Pre Check-In, Requests, and Chat.

Post and connect via jio

  • Users can post photos or videos with different filter effects and text stories using different background and font colors
  • You can find people and connect with them.
  • When a person accepts Jio, you can view their user profile and send a message.


Users can update your profile and upload images.


You can look into the activities of the person you connected with. His likes, comments, interests, following, posts today, and much more.

Earning JCash

  • Remain active-upload photos, referrals to earn and enjoy benefits
  • May earn even by viewing advertisements based on their interests and hobbies.
  • There are various ways by which one can earn JCash. It is notified to you time and again

User ID/Promo Code

To gain rewards you can apply a promo code.

My Group

  • Users can get a look at groups created by them and other groups that he /she has joined.
  • Users can add new members to the group or change the name of a group. Users can also add members to the group and also change the name of the group.


  • Users can choose/change the preferences like interested gender to connect with,
  • Select users based on their age to communicate with.
  • A radius of the locations to see in a map
  • Enable or disable notifications for messages or requests.

Find Local Events

  • After a search, users can find Local Events by pressing the button.
  • When you view an event you will get details of the person who created this like name, age, event date, time, distance, and address.
  • A map view is available so you can easily reach that venue.

Create Event

  • Users can select where to meet at the time of creating an event: Drinks, Foods, and GIGS.
  • Add location from where you want to go.
  • Can set time of event: Start time & End time
  • Invite friends by sending a request
  • Can add detailed notes, if want to add one.
    Post an event
  • Cancel an event


By a simple search, users can explore the marketplace. Search, save and buy them using JCash. Balance available is displayed through which you can purchase products. 

My Rewards

You can look into any rewards you have gained through buying products. Some discounts etc which you can avail on purchase. 

JCash Wallet

  • Can view the Balance date
  • Sale Start-End Date
  • Sale End period


  • Send and receive photos, videos, voice messages, and document files through individual chats or group chats


Receive a notification

  • when someone sends a friend request
  • Interested in event
  • Receives notification when someone sends a message
  • Accepts your friend request

This is How It Works

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