EeZilly offers customers the real live market exchange rate by charging a modest fee to complete the transaction. The platform helps to easily manage foreign exchange. The buyer collects their currency when needed from an ATM in the country they are visiting by keying a unique code into the ATM, that will then give them as much cash as they have requested at the time.

The easy money exchange platform allows you to select a country and exchange the currency you want for the country you are visiting. The platform helped to withdraw currency before departing in three simple steps.

  • Convert your currency using online live rates.
  • Request a code when you are ready to withdraw.
  • Withdraw at the ATM/ international ATM of your choice.

The unique code needs to be key-in at the ATM for withdrawing money.

Client Requirements

Currency conversion startup, Eezilly, was looking to introduce their new currency application into the market.

Keeping in mind, Competition is extremely high in this field, Eezilly wanted us to help them stand out from the competition. They needed to build the brand from the bottom up, and introduce it as a viable contender amongst the giants of the financial tech industry such as Paypal, Skrill, and Travelex. They wanted us to develop a high-standard website and app with security and scalability at high. The client wanted us to deliver an unrivaled level of web development that helped to strengthen brand image and online identity.

The growing processing environment required to manage it proactively. As the transaction increased, the requirement of handling excessive traffic loads on apps would also arise. The growing need to handle application performance and switch capacity issues would need to be taken care of. A second most major concern was to fully encrypt data for security purposes. They also wanted to provide a secure digital wallet service for users to store multiple currencies, transfer funds, and request payments. To address the concern they wanted Eezilly to comply with the PCI DSS, standards, and local regulatory requirements.


24×7 Internet Technology provides the development solution that helps growing making money exchange easy for everyone, everywhere. To develop apps and websites, business analysts started with an understanding of requirements and proposed architecture and prototypes for the same. Our technology team went into an analysis of which technology would be best to adopt. After understanding the pros and cons, ASP.Net was considered for the development of applications. Our team took appropriate measures to handle the traffic load as well as instilled apt security in the app to deal with security issues.

What we did

Login & Registration Module

Convert your currency using online live rates Module

Payment Summary

Withdraw Money

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