Emoji In Digital Marketing

How to Properly Use Emojis In Digital Marketing?

Pictures say tons. When it comes to integrating images and Emojis in digital marketing campaigns, there are likely to create an impact. Using Emojis in your marketing campaigns can communicate messages in an influencing way than plain text would do. They are known for garnering 25% more engagement than a text will do. Social media channels are increasingly using Emojis to boost up engagement levels. Depicting various faces, activities, and objects can generate interest in visitors, leading to increased engagement levels.

Using Emojis in Digital marketing is a good idea, but overusing them can indeed spoil the game. Emojis certainly adds more realism and is a way to drive people towards their marketing campaign. People using Emojis tend to have more followers, and more than 40% of the audience is likely to buy products whose marketing campaigns consist of Emojis. However, to get the correct, one should know how to use it. Below are some of the golden rules that help us to place and use Emojis appropriately.

Being sure about Emojis

Emojis can now do doubt make your brand more relatable, add context, and make people follow your brand. But, to make sure that you are making a way for groundbreaking marketing, you need to be confident about Emojis you are using. To get the best out of storytelling platforms like Instagram, Pinterest keep the below points in mind.

Use trending Emojis

To play a safe game, it is recommended to use trending emojis. Try to use Emojis that the audience is familiar with. If you are not sure, you can use a real-time Emoji tracker to find out the Emojis that are in trend. Keep Emojis around your content and make sure to use the ones that are relatable to your content and brand.

Don’t choose irrelevant Emojis

Choosing relevant emojis is quite essential. Choosing irrelevant ones can rather not do any good and instead cause negative impacts. To prevent this, make sure to use relevant content. Using the apt ones in Email subjects can catch user attention, and more than 20% higher rates.

Using them reflect the tone

At places, you can add Emojis in social media to reflect tones and add more meaning to words and context. At platforms which less permissible content, you can add Emojis to communicate the message.

Wrapping up

Using Emojis in marketing campaigns can be fruitful and boost up engagement levels. But, the key to success is using relatable emojis. Using irrelevant ones can create an unfavorable effect instead. Using Emojis in digital marketing is a good idea, but don’t overuse them. Using them appropriately can drive more audience and boost engagement levels for sure.

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