The COVID 19 situation has forced school and university closures across the globe. When safety is the prime concern, change is imperative to adapt to. However, shifting from traditional methods of learning to online learning does require some arrangements and mental preparedness. The internet age where everything is internet pro, why refrain from online learning. Online learning is into existence for years and is widely being accepted as an ideal way of learning.

Learning online is a flexible way of gaining knowledge at your own flexibility and convenience. Millions of students are enrolling in online programs and courses as they find this an apt way to fulfil their family commitments or work while studying online. Unlike traditional methods of learning where you need to follow stringent fixed timings, online learning aids in a stress-free environment with the choice of taking online lectures at your own flexibility. But it is not good to assume that online classes are easier. Rather they require the same commitment and dedication as offline classes do. Here are some tips which you adopt to move to successful online learning


Know how to use the online System

You need to be well prepared and know how to use the online system. Technical know-how and keeping the material ready for learning just like physical classrooms is the first step towards online learning. So, get ready with your notebook, pens, etc. Most importantly, make ensure that you have proper wi-fi connectivity or LAN connectivity to take online classes, accessing LMS, e-books, etc

 Be committed to learning

Online Learning does give you flexibility but in no way, it gives you the option to work less hard. Follow a routine. Choose the best place that helps you improve your productivity., Study wholeheartedly, and take measures to boost productivity.

Just that you are at premises, make sure to keep away to distractions. Yes! say a big no to Social Media. Don’t let the distractions overrule your online learning.

Don’t’ refrain from asking questions

Reach your instructors and classmates for any doubts you are having. Be an active participant helps you being more interactive and seeking answers that aids in effective learning.

Time Management skills

Despite your hectic online classes, it is essential for you to take out time for completing assignments, reading, grasping concepts. It is essential to break up the tasks and devote considerable time to each task.

Remaining focussed and doing justice with each task will finally pave your way towards successful E-learning. Fulfilling family commitments and successful e-learning all can be achieved by utilizing time to the best of your ability and learning the importance of discipline.

Reaching out to your fellow mates

Staying connected through online discussion boards and groups is also one of the ways to aid in the effective learning journey. It is the best place to discuss the course, projects, ideas, doubts, solutions. Connecting with other students will not help to gain a clearer understanding of a concept but also helps in forming a bond with them.

Moving ahead

Studying in advance is not at all a bad idea. If you are done with a specific module time ahead, you can just start with the next one without the need of waiting for someone. It gives you the flexibility of moving ahead with your pace.

Online Learning is a great way to acquire knowledge while fulfilling your family and work commitments at the same time. It won’t be a surprise if we see complete drift to online learning in the coming years. The education world is changing and so we are!

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