7 LATEST MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT TECHNOLOGIES FOR STARTUPSMobile applications have become an intrinsic part of our lives. Right from sipping first-morning coffee to sleeping at night, the thing which we never forget is browsing mobile apps. The craze for mobile apps is driving people crazy. The craze is not just limited to millennials, the young generation but the old people have also jumped into the race.

Talking about the positive scenario, mobile apps have made the lives of people interesting. With a high percentage of people using social apps, entertainment apps, booking apps, learning apps the world has become mobile-oriented. And, with millions of apps residing in google and mobile app store, it is also true that every app does not get the same place and prominence. If we talk about the mobile app, it takes a lot to build a groundbreaking app.

Below are 7 Latest Mobile App Development Technologies that startups can consider for next-gen mobile apps:


The open-source app developed by Facebook is used to develop cross-platform applications. With React Native, you can use the same codebase across multiple platforms. The technology is ideal for startups as it combines the best parts of native development. A best-in-class JavaScript library is available for building exceptional user interfaces.

The best part is that technology with exceptional capabilities is free for everyone to use, thus saving the additional cost of licensing. Facebook, uber eats, mantra are some of the great apps that have been developed by this framework.


24x7 Internet TechnologiesThe high-level programming language is used by developers worldwide. The easy to understand portable language have incredible features that result in flawless development. This is the ultimate choice for startups as it is highly scalable and simple. It is easy to develop MVP using this technology.

Many powered businesses like Netflix, Pinterest, Instagram, uber have been able to establish their supremacy owing to this great technology.


Google’s portable toolkit is in great trend these days. The developers and organizations use this free and open-source tool to sculpt beautifully Native compiled mobile, web, and desktop apps. Flutter can work smoothly on both Android and ios platforms and is increasingly gaining prominence over native applications that use a single platform.

With exceptional capabilities, this is yet another technology that is ideal for startups. Google Ads, Reflect, and Xuanwu by Alibaba are the three famous mobile apps that are developed using Flutter.


The general-purpose programming language developed by Apple Inc. works with macros, watches, twos, Linux, iPad, and a few other platforms. The language is the replacement of Objective C. Swift uses a safe programming pattern and offers exceptional features that sustain the smoother iOS mobile app development process. Some of the great apps that are developed from this platform like LinkedIn, Lyft, and Hipmunk.


The language is yet another turning point in the mobile app industry. The next-gen technology can be used for machine learning and data analysis. Independent platform technology is used for stats and graphics. The technology is known for bringing a revolution in analytics. The developers can create powerful machine learning algorithms that are in dire need in today’s world.


The official android app development language is easy to handle and has extensive capabilities to develop feature-rich mobile apps. Open source, best documentation, and community support make it the right option for developers and startups. The object-oriented language has open-source libraries that help developers to build future-ready applications easily and effectively.VLC media, Telegram for Android are some applications that contribute their success to this great technology.


The modern statically typed programming language crafts high-end mobile applications. The present version completely incorporates Java. Safety, reliability, and low cost of adoption are some of the features that make it a desirable choice for startups.


The blog mentions the top 7 mobile app development technologies that aid in effective mobile app development. Looking for a partner to develop a mobile app? You are on the right page. 24×7 Internet Technologies is a leading Mobile app development company, capable of crafting superlative mobile apps.


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