Meet our team

There are innumerable companies that offer app development and digital media services. What sets us apart from others is the ability of people working together to build the brand. Meet our crazy workaholic nerds that make it happen

Co-Founder & CTO of 24x7 Internet Technologies

Ritesh Ranjan

Co-Founder & CTO

Founder, Business Development Manager, IT dude, Ideator, a savvy communicator who enthusiastically works for #DigitalExcellence
A strong driver of technical innovation believes that Everything we do should be out of the box and novel.

CEO & Managing Director of 24x7 Internet Technologies

Raghunath Tripathi

CEO & Managing Director

Hands-on Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Managing Director with fascinating qualities that are sure to strike you. Professional turned Entrepreneur loves playing with ideas that create new benchmarks of excellence and has disdain for aimless ideas.

Assistant Manager & Marketing Head- 24x7

Shashikant Tripathi

Assistant Manager & Marketing head

Seasonal marketing chap who is too serious about the branding stuff.A core member of 24×7 Internet Technologies who has roots of capitalism. He is not ready to give up on profit potential. A great orator who is not ready to step back when it comes to proving his point. Choose to keep mum or you are left speechless!

Quality Assurance Lead- 24x7

Shailesh Raj

Quality Assurance Lead

A sincere guy who is more focused on rendering quality and is least concerned about what else is going on around him. Silent storm likes to reply in two of his favorite words “O.k” and “fine”.

UI/UX Lead Developer at 24x7 Internet Technologies

Priyanka Chauhan

UI/UX lead developer

A designer kid who has a lot to talk about when it comes to designs. Moody and lost in the world of technology can dazzle your day with an effective piece of art! A passionate designer who loves taking tedious tasks and draws a fine line between work and play.

VP Human Resources at 24x7

Shilpi Pandey

VP Human Resources

A true fitness freak that believes ‘success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.’. A great soul who loves throwing challenges and strongly believe that you can add glory to your life by remaining fit.