SEO: Art of escalating your brand value

Everybody is in a race and employing varied techniques to win the Digital World Battle. There is a huge percentage of online users, who search for a product before going for a purchase. Most of the users do not go beyond the first page. The higher you rank, the higher is the traffic emerging to your websites and higher is the conversion rates. SEO is capable of making or breaking your business online.
So, what is SEO? In a simple language, SEO is a set of best practices, strategies, and actions which are aimed at improving your position in search engines.

It is indispensable to be found in search engines like google and bing to target the intended audience. The site with more visitors, links is always not a number 1 site. All that matters, the strategies you are employing to help it placing in a top position, thus enjoying a better business over competitors

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